Mu Alpha Theta

Sponsor: Mrs. Thrash


-->MSMS Math Competition in Columbus, MS
On February 20, 2020, our mathletes team competed in the MSMS Math Competition held in Columbus, MS.  Our CHHS competition teams and individuals placed in multiple categories.

Algebra 1 Written Test Individual - 2nd place Alexs Chen

Algebra 1 Written Test School - 2nd place 

Trig/Pre-Calculus Written Test Individual - 2nd place William Gibson, 9th place Wyatt Edwards

Trig/Pre-Calculus Written Test School - 2nd place 

Algebra 1 Cyphering- 4th place 

Geometry Cyphering- 5th place 

Trig/Pre-Calculus Cyphering- 6th place 

Potpourri - 6th place

Sweepstakes (Overall placement) - 5th place

Well done, mathletes, and congratulations on your success!


-->About Our Club

This is our second year of Mu Alpha Theta at Center Hill High School.   We are very excited about what this club has become and the students it reaches.   To become involved in our club, please see one of the sponsors and watch the club calendar for meetings.  

Center Hill High's Mu Alpha Theta mission-

 Develop a love for math within the community by:

  1. encouraging STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) awareness and activities in our surrounding schools,
  2. providing math tutoring to high school students,
  3. competing in math contests, and 
  4. promoting our club.

Upcoming Events

-->Math Tutoring 
Every Wednesday at 3:45pm at CHHS

To obtain community service hours needed for the club, volunteer to tutor other CHHS students in math on Wednesdays.  See Mrs. Terry, Mrs. Arvin or Mrs. Thrash for help getting signed up to volunteer.


Past Events


-->MSMS Math Competition in Columbus, MS   See "Newsworthy..." above for details

--> Induction Ceremony
Congratulations to the new Center Hill High School's Mu Alpha Theta members inducted in a special ceremony on Thursday, January 16, 2020 in the PAC.  Thank you for all who attended and supported our students.

--> STEAM Night (for Overpark Elementary students)
Our MAT members helped get younger generations excited about Math and other STEM facets.  On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) Night was presented by DCS at Overpark Elementary.  Our CHHS students provided knowledge, energy, and support to help make this annual event another success!  Thank you all for volunteering! 

Latest Update: 3/21/2020