Administrative Team

Witt, Jason - Head Principal
Case, Brenda - Assistant Principal
Dupree, Alan - Assistant Principal
Sims, Zack - Assistant Principal

Counseling Team

Dormois, Madeline - Freshman and Sophomore Counselor
Smith, Meredith - Junior and Senior Counselor
Churchill, Tiffany - Freshman and Sophomore Counselor 

Support Team

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 Reyshann Hanna- School Resource Officer (OBPD)


Hutchins, Charletta - State Test Coordinator
Masters, Catherine - Speech Path

Teaching Team


Campbell, Michael - Band Director
Lantrip, Whitney - Art 1,2,3,4, Gifted Art, Art Club
Sanders, Allen - Select Women's, Men's Choir, General Choir


Burgess, Jessica - Work-Based Learning
Pilcher, Angel - Nutrition, Restaurant Management, FCCLA
Smith, Melissa P. - Child Development, Family Dynamics, Cheer

English Language Arts

Bills, Holly - Eng 9, Acc Eng 9, Hoops Girls, Insane Stangs
Creddle, Braidyn - Eng 9, Eng 11, AP Eng 11, Drama
Green, Alisha - Gifted Eng 9 & 10, AP Eng 11 & 12, PSAT, Interact
Hampton, Devra - SREB Lit, Eng 12
McAdams, Ashtyn - English 10, Speech, Journalism, Pony Express
Rasco, Kaye - Eng 9
Taylor, Patra - Eng 11, Track
Thompson, Lesiah - Eng II, Acc Eng 10, Speech
White, Trudy - Acc 10, ACT, PSAT, Book Club, Archery
Williams, Heather - Eng 10, Oral Communication
Coleman, Randi Eng 10, Beta Club

Foreign Language/EL

Dempsey, Erin - English Learners
Ruffin, Daniela - Spanish I & II, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society
Young, Ashlee - Spanish, I & II, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society, Student Council

Health/Physical Educationon

Callahan, Peyton - College & Career, Dual Credit, Head Baseball Coach
Hall, Bruce - African American Studies, Football, Track
Hoggatt, Traci - Health, Comprehensive Health, Assistant Girls Basketball
Tucker, George - Humanities, Law Ed, Drug Ed, Football, Asst. Softball


Harbor, Sadie - Foundations of Alg, Alg 1, Asst. Girls' Volleyball
Johnson, Sissy - Foundations of Alg, Alg 1, Explorer's Club
Miller, Douglas - Algebra 2, Head Wrestling, Asst. Football
Terry, Judith - Geometry, ACT, PSAT, Archery, Mu Alpha Theta, Chess
Thrash, Mary Frances - Alg 2, Geometry, Mu Alpha Theta, Insane Hoops, Insane Stangs


Barker, Sean - Physical Science, Environmental Science, Science Literacy, Earth & Space Science, Football, Asst. Softball
Denham, Jennifer -Earth & Space, Botany, Genetics, DC Biology, NHS, Knowledge Bowl
Hoggatt, David - Physical Science, Head Boys' Soccer
Jones, Lynelda - Biology, Head Dance
Smith, Amber - Human A&P, Chemistry, NHS, Cheer, Hoops Girls
Tanner, Jena - Chemistry, Head Girls' Soccer, Head Tennis
Veazey, Robbie - Biology, Head Girls' Volleyball
Gavrock, Dr. Suzan - Science

Social Studies

Burch, Joshua - AP World History, Asst. Baseball
Burgess, David - US History, Dual Credit US History, Golf
Coleman, Toni - US History, AP US History, AP Gov, Gov't Club, Interact
Cooley, Mackenzie -AP Human Geography, Gov't, Econ, MS Studies, Head Girls' Powerlifting, Football 
Durrah, Jasmine - Gov't, Econ, Asst. Girls' Basketball, Asst. Track
Hurdle, Kylie - Gov't, Econ, US History, Student Council 
McElyea, Andy - World History, Track, Head Cross Country
Nobles, Roben - Psychology, Sociology, Mustang TV, Yearbook

Special Education

Clark, Brent - Inclusion, Football, Head Boys' Powerlifting
Gorman, Lashawn - Inclusion, Asst. Boys Basketball Coach