National Honor Society

National Honor Society


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How to Become a Member:

National Honor Society is an invitation-only club. For a student to get an invitation, they have to have the following requirements:

  • Junior or Senior
  • Cumulative HS NGA of 93% or greater
  • Have taken or taking a Dual Credit or Advanced Placement class

If the students meets all these requirements, they will receive a membership application. Applications will be evaluated based on the four NHS Pillars, which are Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Community.

If the student is accepted into NHS, they will receive an acceptance letter and an invitation to the Induction Ceremony

Not all students who submit an application will receive an invitation.



Membership Responsibilities:

Members are required to attend all meetings.

Members must complete 10 community service hours per year.

There is a $20 yearly due which much be paid in a timely manner.

Members must keep their NGA at a 93% or higher.

Members represent not only Center Hill, but also the National Honor Society, and must behave in accordance with the school and society guidelines. Student is responsible for their character and behavior both in and out of school, and must report any disciplinary issues to a sponsor immediately.