Mrs. Judith W. Terry

Courses Taught:

Current: ACT Prep, PSAT/ACT, Calculus

Previously: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry

PSAT Escapees @ Memphis Escape Rooms

PSAT Escapees @ Memphis Escape Rooms

PSAT Class of 2019

Mrs. Terry's Supply Lists

ACT Supply List (Mrs. White and Mrs. Terry)
You will need ONE of each item below:
1.5 inch, three ring binder
5 tab dividers
loose leaf paper
pens, pencils, highlighters
box of Kleenex


Calculators recommended for all math and ACT prep courses:
Graphing calculator: TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plue CE (color edition)
Scientific calculator: TI-36 XPro (does not graph)

Center Hill Math Department Calculator Recommendations

**Note: Each teacher possesses a classroom set of TI-84 Plus graphing calculators. Teachers will make every effort to ensure calculators are disinfected and shared as little as possible, but please note that calculators are used by students in every class, meaning up to four students per day may be using one calculator. If you feel more comfortable providing a calculator for personal use, your student will need, at minimum, a scientific calculator for high school. Below are recommendations with associated pros and cons. These recommendations will get your student the most bang for the buck, but are in no way the only available calculators for use in school. Please contact your teacher for specific questions about his or her class. 


TI-84 Plus (calculators provided in class)

o   Uses four AAA batteries

o   Permissible calculator for the Algebra I state test

o   Most commonly used calculator for ACT

o   Includes graphing, scientific, and many other useful functions

o   Is allowed for use in all high school math courses

o   Is not generally allowed for use in College Algebra courses, including dual credit courses taken while in high school

o   Is permitted is other college math courses, at the instructor’s discretion

o   Cost ranges $88 and up (Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot, etc.)

o   TI-84 Plus CE (not necessarily provided by the school)

o   The color edition

o   Graphing functions are displayed in full-color format

o   Rechargeable battery

o   Cost ranges $118 and up (Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot, etc.)


TI 36X Pro (not provided by the school)

o   Has an internal battery

o   NOT permissible for the Algebra I state test

o   Permissible for ACT

o   Includes scientific and most of functions of TI-84 EXCEPT graphing functions

o   TI 36X Pro DOES NOT graph

o   Is generally allowed for use in College Algebra courses, including dual credit courses taken while in high school

o   Does not mimic the TI-84

o   Is permitted in other college math courses, at the instructor’s discretion

o   Cost ranges $19 and up (Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot, etc.)

Students are discouraged from purchasing a TI-Inspire calculator, as that calculator will be permitted in very few circumstances throughout high school and college. It is not allowed for use on the Algebra I state test.  



Independence High School, 1998
Associate of Applied Science: Computer Programming and Network Data Communications - NWCC
Bachelor's of Liberal Arts: Math, History, Sociology - University of Mississippi
Master's of Education, Math Curriculum and Instruction - University of Texas-Arlington


Hello and welcome to my website!! I am excited to teach your child and look forward to working with you throughout his or her education.

I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am a graduate of Independence High School (1998). I hold an Associates Degree in Computer Networking and Operations and a Bachelor's Degree in Math, History (World), and Sociology. In 2012, I left a career in banking operations (bookkeeping, computer operations, etc.) to pursue a career as an educator. I must say, that was one of the best decisions of my life. I have enjoyed teaching like no other job!!

I am married (Coach Terry) with one child (Randi) who is a 2019 graduate of Center Hill High School. Coach Terry is a teacher in the Special Education department at Center Hill. Randi is attending the University of Memphis and plans to pursue career in English education. Prior to teaching, I worked for many years with the Independence FFA and Alumni to promote Agricultural Education in Mississippi and develop premier leadership skills in FFA members. I also previously served as the volunteer leader of the Hoof Prints 4-H Club near my home in Tate County. I primarily worked with 4-H members involved with horse and livestock projects and community service. I have also assisted with shooting sports, sewing, and cooking projects. My favorite hobbies are riding horses, hunting, and supporting all Center Hill Mustang happenings.

At Center Hill, I currently teach ACT Prep, the math portion of the PSAT course, and Calculus. In previous years, I taught Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. 

I served as the assistant coach of the Center Hill Archery team for its first three seasons. I took over as head coach during the 2017 season, and I am very excited to continue in that capacity. 2022-2023 will be the tenth year for the program at Center Hill. The archery program has been very successful over the past few years, winning the county tournament multiple times and placing in the top three teams at both the North Half and State tournaments. If you'd like to know more about the archery team or are interested in sponsoring the team, please e-mail me at the contact link.