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  • Master Plan to Get to College: Rise Up Mississippi Master plan
  • All seniors and parents should carefully read the Graduation Dress Code

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Center Hill High School is an official ACT testing site.

Test site code 239750

School code 252-223

Graduation Requirements
Graduation Requirements
Subject Area Tests are given in the following subjects:
Required Subject Area Tests

These tests must be passed to meet graduation requirements.

Students CANNOT graduate without passing these 4 tests.

DeSoto County Schools Grade Classification

  • Sophomore – 6 credits (including English 1)
  • Junior – 13 credits (including English 2)
  • Seniors – 18 credits (including English 3) 


All athletes must meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the Mississippi High School Activities Association. To be eligible for Athletics, students beginning with entering freshman 08-09 athletes must earn 6 credits during the previous school year and pass three out of four classes with a 2.0 GPA each semester in order to maintain eligibility.

Students’ planning to attend a major university immediately following graduation will also need to meet the following requirements:
University Requirements

This is the homepage for the Federal Student Aid.

This website is a FREE website that lists scholarships available in Mississippi. There is a list of general scholarships, and there is also a list of scholarships listed by college.

This is a FREE list of scholarships in Mississippi. You can also do an advanced search (to find scholarships), do a search by major, and do a search by ethnicity.

This is a FREE website that goes above and beyond in its scholarship search. On this website, a student creates a profile. Based on this profile, the website matches the student with scholarships suited to him or her. There is also information for parents and councilors, information about different career fields (including a Question-And-Answer area), college and career related videos, and outlines of various college courses.

Your first place to go for scholarships should be scholarships from the schools you have applied aka Institutional Scholarships. These are usually included with your Admissions Application. After you have completed those you can look at these resources:


Senior Timeline for Financial Aid/Scholarships

RiseUp MS

RiseUp MS Timeline

State Tests  

This is a FREE interactive study tool that helps to build vocabulary for the SAT, ACT, and more. There are words accompanied by illustrations and explanations, as well as interactive flash cards, and quizzes. 

This is a VERY cool study program for both the SAT & the ACT (the GRE is also included in this study tool). It is a completely FREE online study course that adapts to your skill level, and let's you know what areas you need to study the most. 

This is a FREE preparation program that combines ACT & SAT studying into one program. This program focuses mostly on a few daily quizzes.

This is the official website for the SAT test. This is where students can
go to register for the test, get their scores, and send their scores.

Practice Problems & Practice Test
This is FREE practice problems and full-length practice tests offered
by the people who make the SAT test.

Official Online Practice Course
PURCHASE REQUIRED! This is the official online preparation course
for the SAT test. It offers:

  • 18 interactive lessons that cover the reading, writing, and math sections -feature interactive activities and multimedia content to create an engaging learning environment
  • Ten practice tests, 600+ practice questions, & practice essay questions
  • Detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers to all questions on the online course
  • Detailed personalized feedback on all practice tests and quizzes
  • Essay questions get immediate, computer-generated scores - up to 40 essays can be submitted for auto essay scoring
This is a FREE study center for the SAT exam. It offers:

  • Flash cards
  • Practice tests
  • Study guides
  • Quizzes
  • Cram Sheets
  • Articles, Tips, Links
This is very cool FREE online preparation course that offers
the following:

  • 60 engaging lessons in math, reading, and writing that infuse pop culture into learning to make prep accessible
  • 800+ challenging practice exam questions that simulate the SAT and provide full explanations
  • Unique features like a score projector to show you how you are predicted to score on the real exam.
This is a FREE SAT Practice Test.
This is a FREE digital book/study guide created by SparkNotes.
The chapters focus more on studying of the topics that will appear
on the test, and less on practice problems.
DOME SAT Review is a FREE comprehensive SAT Test Prep
program online with a catalog of material including:

  • Over 100 study guides
  • A database of 5,000+ SAT vocabulary building flashcards
  • Practice quizzes
  • Simulated practice test
This website offers information about the PSAT test, and why a 10th grader should take this test (while preparing for the SAT).
This is the official website of the ACT test. You can go here to register for the test, view your scores, send your scores, and utilize their preparation material.

Free Practice Problems
These are FREE practice problems for English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. They are in the form of an online quiz - and once you click on an answer, it will tell you if you are right or wrong.

Online Test Prep
PURCHASE REQUIRED! This online Program offers: 

  • Practice tests with real ACT test questions
  • Practice essays for the new optional ACT Writing Test, with real-time scoring
  • Comprehensive content review for each of the ACT's four required tests—English, Math, Reading, and Science
  • Diagnostic test and personalized Study Path
  • Anywhere, anytime access via the Internet
This is a FREE ACT Practice Test.
This page offers some  FREE helpful ACT practice problems. The practice problem modules are the links at the bottom of the page.

This website offers information about the PLAN test, and why a 10th grader should take this test (while preparing for the ACT).
Study Skills