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10th Grade 3/20  



ENGLISH II AFTER TEST (answer the questions on a piece of paper. Clearly number and write word/name if defining.

1.     a. What is censorship? Read the following definitions of censorship:

b. Which definition do you agree with the most?

c. Which do you agree with the least?

d. Based on what you read, write your own personal definition of censorship.

2.     What is Utopian Literature? Dystopian Literature?

3.     Who was Joseph McCarthy? Why is he famous?


Use the following link below to answer the following questions:

  1. During the 1940’s and 1950’s, what was a main concern for the United States?
  1. Who accused more than 200 government officials of being Communists?
  2. Besides government officials, what other professions were accused of being Communists and forced to quit working?
  3. How many artists were blacklisted in all?


Use the link below to answer the following questions:


  1. What are some arguments for banning certain books in schools?


  1. List some classics that have been banned or attempted in some school districts.


  1. Define censorship


Snow Day Information  

Snow day information:

Everything that is due next class:
Permission Forms
Signed up for Remind
Submitted thesis statement as well as completed thesis in packet.
Things to be prepared for next class:
Plagiarism quiz
Summer reading quiz (9th grade only)
Agenda/syllabus quiz (9th grade only)
Be ready to learn formal outline information
Submit thesis statements here:
From DeSoto County Schools:

With the recent school closings, we know our employees may have questions about the inclement weather policy and the District’s plans to “make up” the missed days. Below are a few frequently asked questions that we hope will address any questions or concerns you may have.

Why are DCS students required to attend extra days of school to “make-up” for inclement weather days?

Each state is responsible for setting the minimum requirements for school attendance.  The Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards, 2017, in accordance with Mississippi state law, requires that the “academic year provide a minimum of 180 teaching days in which both teachers and students are in regular attendance.” As a result, every day that is missed for inclement weather must be “made up”.  Exceptions can be made if the Governor of Mississippi declares a “state of emergency” because of inclement weather.

Why can’t hours be added to the school day to make up for missed days?

Unlike the state of Tennessee and several other states, Mississippi law does not allow school districts to add time to the school day to recover lost instructional time due to inclement weather.  Many school districts in other states build in extra minutes into their school day.  As a result, those districts do not have to “make up” many of their inclement weather days.

Are make-up days built into the DCS school calendar?

Yes. Each February, DCS releases the school calendar for the upcoming school year. There are always at least four make-up days listed on the calendar for the spring semester. The 2017-18 calendar has 5 make-up days listed for the spring semester: February 16, February 19, April 2, May 24, and May 25.

When will the students “make up” the missed days?

February 16 will be the “make up” day for January 12.

February 19 will be the “make up” day for January 16.

April 2 will be the “make up” day for January 17.

Sign Up For Remind  


Both you and your child should sign up for Remind. This allows me to safely send you and the student information via text message or email that may be an emergency or that may be a simple reminder about an upcoming test. Text the phone number: 81010 the following message:

1st Block: @ 1stsp18

2nd Block: @ 2ndsp18

English II: @caffee10