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9th & 10th Grade Counseling
Important Links


Please visit the above link for Student Opportunities

Freshman Year:

  • Review 4-year course plan with counselor & discuss future plans.
  • Take the preliminary ACT called the PLAN. 
  • Discuss PLAN scores, grades, and courses for sophomore year with counselor and parents.
  • Get involved in activities at school and in the community.  Begin a record of activities and awards/honors.

Sophomore Year:


  • Take either the PLAN (Preliminary ACT) or the  PSAT (Preliminary SAT).
  • Begin exploring college opportunities -- attend local college fairs in October and the spring & use internet resources.
  • Discuss test scores, grades, and course registration for junior year with counselor and parents.
    Make a serious commitment to school and community activities. Update record of activities and awards/honors.
  • Investigate summer programs that fit your interests & abilities -- sports camps, academic programs on college campuses, programs in the arts, volunteer work.



This website has over 90 FREE articles with advice on everything from studying for tests, to note-taking, to effectively doing homework. There is also a Tip-of-the-Day. There are also options to PURCHASE other materials that help students learn effective study skills.

High School Study Tips 

This website has FREE advice on everything from studying for tests, to setting up study areas, and retaining learned information. This website was made to teach study skills specifically to high school students.

How to Study 

This is a VERY cool, FREE website that teaches study skills using comic strips and less reading to get the point across. Very good for those students who get bored of reading miles of information.




This is the homepage for the Federal Student Aid.

This website is a FREE website that lists scholarships available in Mississippi. There is a list of general scholarships, and there is also a list of scholarships listed by college.

This is a FREE list of scholarships in Mississippi. You can also do an advanced search (to find scholarships), do a search by major, and do a search by ethnicity.

This is a FREE website that goes above and beyond in its scholarship search. On this website, a student creates a profile. Based on this profile, the website matches the student with scholarships suited to him or her. There is also information for parents and councilors, information about different career fields (including a Question-And-Answer area), college and career related videos, and outlines of various college courses.


Get 2 college:




State Tests  

This is a FREE interactive study tool that helps to build vocabulary for the SAT, ACT, and more. There are words accompanied by illustrations and explanations, as well as interactive flash cards, and quizzes. 

This is a VERY cool study program for both the SAT & the ACT (the GRE is also included in this study tool). It is a completely FREE online study course that adapts to your skill level, and let's you know what areas you need to study the most. 

This is a FREE preparation program that combines ACT & SAT studying into one program. This program focuses mostly on a few daily quizzes.



This is the official website for the SAT test. This is where students can
go to register for the test, get their scores, and send their scores.

Practice Problems & Practice Test

This is FREE practice problems and full-length practice tests offered
by the people who make the SAT test.

Official Online Practice Course

PURCHASE REQUIRED! This is the official online preparation course
for the SAT test. It offers:

  • 18 interactive lessons that cover the reading, writing, and math
    sections - feature interactive activities and multimedia content to
    create an engaging learning environment
  • Ten practice tests, 600+ practice questions, & practice essay
  • Detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers to
    all questions on the online course
  • Detailed personalized feedback on all practice tests and quizzes
  • Essay questions get immediate, computer-generated
    scores - up to 40 essays can be submitted for auto
    essay scoring

This is a FREE study center for the SAT exam. It offers:

  • Flash cards
  • Practice tests
  • Study guides
  • Quizzes
  • Cram Sheets
  • Articles, Tips, Links

This is very cool FREE online preparation course that offers
the following:

  • 60 engaging lessons in math, reading, and writing that
    infuse pop culture into learning to make prep accessible
  • 800+ challenging practice exam questions that simulate
    the SAT and provide full explanations
  • Unique features like a score projector to show you how
    you are predicted to score on the real exam.
This is a FREE SAT Practice Test.
This is a FREE digital book/study guide created by SparkNotes.
The chapters focus more on studying of the topics that will appear
on the test, and less on practice problems.
DOME SAT Review is a FREE comprehensive SAT Test Prep
program online with a catalog of material including:
  • Over 100 study guides
  • A database of 5,000+ SAT vocabulary building flashcards
  • Practice quizzes
  • Simulated practice test


This is the official website of the ACT test. You can go here to register for the test, view your scores, send your scores, and utilize their preparation material.

Free Practice Problems

These are FREE practice problems for English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. They are in the form of an online quiz - and once you click on an answer, it will tell you if you are right or wrong.

Online Test Prep 

PURCHASE REQUIRED! This online Program offers: 

  • Practice tests with real ACT test questions
  • Practice essays for the new optional ACT Writing Test, with real-time scoring
  • Comprehensive content review for each of the ACT's four required tests—English, Math, Reading, and Science
  • Diagnostic test and personalized Study Path
  • Anywhere, anytime access via the Internet

This is a FREE ACT Practice Test.

This page offers some  FREE helpful ACT practice problems. The practice problem modules are the links at the bottom of the page.


This website offers information about the PSAT test, and why a 10th grader should take this test (while preparing for the SAT).


This website offers information about the PLAN test, and why a 10th grader should take this test (while preparing for the ACT).



Study Skills



Get the Grades You Want - Test Tips

How to Prepare for an Exam

How to Study in High School and College

Standardized Testing: How to Prepare for a Test


Write it Down

How to Make Homework Less Work

Taking Notes

Get the Grades You Want - Note Taking

How to Mind Map

The Cornell Note Taking System

Cornell Notes Tutorial

Organizational Skills

Strategic Learning





11th & 12th Grade Counseling
11th & 12th Grade Counseling

Welcome to the Junior/Senior Counseling Page! I hope you will find this page helpful as you navigate through the last two years of high school and on to college or career. If you are not receiving my emails you can sign up by filling out this short form. I send out weekly emails to keep seniors and their parents in the loop. Please make sure you sign up to receive these!


Students and parents, if you would like to set up a meeting for yourself or you student please complete this Counseling Referral Form. You can also request your rank/GPA through this form.


Seniors-sign up for my Remind 101! Text @stangs18 to 81010





All scholarships that I receive will be announced through Mustang TV, listed under the announcements tab on the CHHS website, and distributed through email.




ACT & SAT School Code - 252-223

What is this?  This code tells ACT and SAT what school you attend and it sends your ACT score to us.  Without this, your scores will not go on your transcript for colleges. But, it is very important that you request your scores be sent directly to the college, etc. that you plan to attend.  Not all colleges will accept scores from your transcript. If you are planning on playing a sport at a Division I or Division II school, you must send your scores directly to NCAA Clearinghouse, using the college code of 9999.



register online at:  

CHHS is a test site now! Enter 239750 as your test site if you want to test at Center Hill!


NCAA Clearinghouse - Juniors and Seniors!! Student athletes who plan to play a Division I or Division II sport in college must register for the Clearinghouse!

Information packets are available in the career center in the guidance office.  Students should register at the end of their Junior year in high school.  Register online at .

Upon registering, there are 2 transcript forms you will need to print and sign and then turn in to the guidance office. Also, you must send your ACT/SAT scores directly to NCAA, using the college code of 9999.