*** Seasonal Football Tickets ***

  • Season Football tickets for red seats are currently available for purchase in the front office.
  • Purchase price is $40 per seat.  Payment is due to Mrs. Bender at the front desk by August 27, 2014.
  • Tickets will be available for pick up in the front office on September 1, 2014.





  • As a result of Mississippi attendance laws that were enacted last school year, high schools in DeSoto County will only be able to allow student check-outs if the parent/guardian or verified designee listed in PowerSchool comes in to the school office, provides picture ID, and signs the student out.
  • Check-outs can no longer be allowed via email, fax, note or phone call.

  • Additionally, parents will not be able to drop off any “forgotten” items for their students in the office unless it is requested by the administration.





  • When do I select a locker?

Lockers will be assigned each morning between 7:50- 8:20 this week. Students must have their receipt in hand. If the student has not paid for a locker, that fee may be paid in the cafeteria before school or at lunch. $5


  • When will I receive my activity pass?

Pictures will be made for activity passes beginning this week during lunches. Students must have their receipt in hand. If the student wants to purchase an activity pass, that fee may be paid before school or at lunch. Fee is based on lunch status.


  • How do I get a parking tag?

Turn in a completed form along with providing proof of insurance and a valid Driver’s License with $5—at break and lunch.




  • May I purchase an activity pass?

Parents may purchase an activity pass for $100. Come to the front office and see Mrs. Bender at the front desk.


  • How can I access my child’s grades/attendance/ discipline?

See Mrs. Bender at the front desk, provide a photo ID, and receive the information needed to sign up for Parent Portal.


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